Eye Tests
Our tests and services are comprehensive and are intended not only to
assist better vision, but to ensure total eye care.

Tests Include:
Visual examination
Eye health screening
Colour vision assessment
Glaucoma check
Low vision assessment
Vision therapy

Our own laboratory
We have our own fully equipped laboratory at Lombard, Verster & Pheiffer to
ensure speedy service.

We do the following:
Cut and fit lenses to ensure precision to either your existing or new frames
Tinting of plastic lenses to meet your specific requirements
Repairs to both plastic and metal frames
Heat hardening when required
One hour service on stock lenses - in case of emergency
Contact lenses
We specialise in the fitting of all the various contact lenses available,
whether hard, soft, disposable or for correcting astigmatism.

We have a wide variety of frames. We will help you to find suitable frames
and do adjustments when necessary. A range of budget frames are also
available at an affordable cost.

Community Service
Operation Bright Sight. Help your neighbour. Please leave your old spectacles
with us - it could help those that are less privileged and cannot afford spectacles.

Special Offers
We do all minor repairs at no extra cost
- Come and get your contact lens solutions at a very special price
- Free Vision Screening every Thursda

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